I have decided to rewrite my trips in Japan, China, Taiwan, South Korea and Algeria since I am retired in 2014.

I think writing a trip is not easy because we have to describe a new country, its inhabitants, its culture and it is not enough, really not enough. In fact, it’s very important to describe also our emotions when we are discovering a new world far from our own country.

Travelling is sometimes an adventure because it’s necessary to forget all we know in order to discover without wearing blinkers a new world, a new country with its history, other people far from our own people.

My first trip outside France since I was retired in march 2015 was in Japan. I would like to share with you this trip in this extraordinary country.

I shall write my trips in French because I am a French man. But I shall try to write it also in English, and perhaps one day, I hope, I dream, in Chinese if I succeed to learn this difficult langage for me.

Gilbert Sanslaville 桑吉伯

JAPAN Sumo 2015 march 31

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